The On-Hold Company
  Why On-Hold Messaging? Because it Works.

It's fast.  It's affordable.  It's effective.  

  • Reinforce your company image   
  • Reduce perceived hold time   
  • Promote seasonal offerings   
  • Provide useful information 

How It Works 


Step 1: Send us your script - or if you prefer we can write it for you.

Already have a script in mind? You simply send that to us, and we will review and edit as needed and return it to you promptly for pre-production approval. If writing is not your forte, we have professional copywriters that will write it for you for an additional fee. 

On-hold production lengths are typically three minutes long, but are available in six, nine, twelve and longer.



Step 2:  Select a voice talent sample from our website or let us know what kind of voice you want.


Our team has more than 50 years of combined professional voice talent and broadcast production experience. We have access to voice talent around the country. Whatever your specific requirements are - male, female, a specific language or accent - we can help 



Step 3:  We master the recording in our professional studio.


We can provide audio files for your existing system, or we offer a variety of equipment to meet your needs (USB or remote download).  Let us know what you need. 



Step 4: Download your recordings.


For virtual phone systems, we simply upload the recordings to your provider's website.  For multi-line office phone systems, our digital playback equipment connects easily into the MOH jack on your system.  If you have a standard one or two phone lines, we can help you interface the digital announcer to your lines.  Of course, if you'd rather leave the work to us, we can send a service representative to your location.  Please call for additional information and pricing.


It's that easy.  Ready to get started?  Contact us today at 713-223-HOLD (4653).




"The On-Hold Company delivers a quality on hold messaging product for a nominal investment. It's a great way to reinforce our marketing efforts."

- Peter, Houston TX -